Bet you’ve never seen a pair of these before!

by pambythesea

Of course I’m speaking of a pair of knit hot pants.  What else really?!  I actually made these this past summer, and I think they’re the second thing I had ever knit!  And now, a timeline:

June, 2009

The scene: a bar in Gastown

Friends sit in comfy couches, discussing life, love and all that good stuff.  The conversation turns to this hilarious video of a Justin Timberlake-wannabe called Jimi Blue, who is big with the tweens in Germany.  He sings of mythical Little Red Hot Pants (lrhp’s), a clothing item he has likely never seen, being pre-pubescent and all.  The topic turns to knitting a pair of said lrhp’s, and somehow Wall-E-T is roped into a bet where if I make him a pair, he will wear them and dj at a party.  An idle bet for most, but little does Wall-E-T know, when I say I’m going to knit a pair of lrhp’s, I mean it!

July, 2009

The scene: 30 degree Celcius gorgeous summer in Vancouver, various locations

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the lrhp’s for obvious reasons, so I bought the cheapest acrylic yarn from a craft store.  Breathable!

I wanted them to be stretchy and keep their shape, so I knit them in 1 by 1 rib.  It took forever!  Damn those lrhp’s!  I actually had to borrow a pair of my roommate’s underwear to model them off.  I made them in a few pieces and sewed the whole thing together.  They turned out hilariously well, and fit like a charm!  They are also multi-use, since at Christmas-time they can double as Santa’s underpants.

Late July, 2009

The scene: A house party, lrhp’s ominously resting on the dining room table.  Will Wall-E-T wear them?

And indeed, he did.  He sucked it up and wore those lrhp’s like a real man.  Because that’s what real men do, wear little red hot pants.  Success!

Requests for custom orders can be e-mailed to the blog.  Cost ranges from $400 to $999, size dependent.

They fit like a dream (but stretched out like nobody’s business by the end of the night!)