My first knit- a cashmere scarf

by pambythesea

When I was writing my MSc thesis I needed an outlet that de-stressed me and was a bit creative.  Beading was too expensive and quick so I thought, why not learn to knit?  And of course I fell in love with lace knitting and decided that I would bypass all of the nice, beginner projects and start with this:

I did make a little test piece so that I could learn how to actually knit before jumping into a complicated pattern.  I wish I had photos because it was the ugliest piece of work ever!  My mom nearly peed herself laughing over it.  It looked pretty much like someone cut a chunk out of a sweater and then let their dog attack it for a few years.  But I prevailed, and here is what my first scarf looks like:

It took me about two months of a lot of knitting and ripping to fix my mistakes!

I made it in Plymouth Earth Collection eco organic laceweight cashmere.  So nice!  I f%#%ed up the borders so I added in a braid and I like how it turned out.