My first official sweater!

by pambythesea

I say official, because I did actually knit a short-sleeved Owl sweater last year, but I only sorta like it.  A great learning exercise, but I just don’t think it’s really me. 

I love, love Kim Hargreaves’ designs, and I always check out her website for inspiration.  I really like her simple lines and small details.  I was at Urban Yarns last December before my birthday and they had Rowan Kid Classic on for 40% off.  I’m not usually one to buy the big-name yarn brands because there are so many small, great companies to support, but I really wanted to make the Edie sweater from her Precious collection, and this was the exact right yarn. 

I chose Edie because I love the slouchy details and the simple stockinette.  I’m really falling in love with endless rows of stockinette that I can do while on the bus, watching crappy tv, etc.  Next skill:  knit while reading!  Anywhoo, I went down 0.5 mm for both reccommended needle sizes to get the right gauge.  Not sure what’s up with that as I’m normally pretty spot on, but I used 3.25mm for the ribbing and 4 mm for the body.  And I changed it up and knit it in the round since I’m incapable of knitting a pattern exactly as written!  I think this was a good choice actually- the tension is much more even, no purling and no sewing up at the end. 

Here are the results!

Down by Jericho Beach

Cherry blossoms!

I do really like the sweater, but I’m not sure if I like it enough!  It took about two months, and I didn’t really enjoy the yarn all that much.  It turned out quite nicely, but I don’t really like the angora haze.  All in all, another great learning experience, and another reminder to myself to start designing so that I can be 100% happy with the result!