Coconut and Peaches

by pambythesea

I’m in love with two baby bunnies!  Not real bunnies (although I had a wonderful rabbit named Mabel when I was in high school), but Sonja Ahlers bunnies that she sells on Etsy.  I’ve seen them on some blogs that I read (maybe it was on Fieldguided first, I can’t remember), and I’ve always wanted one.  There haven’t been any on Etsy for a while, so when I checked the last time and saw new bunnies, I was so excited!

These little creatures are totally useless and totally cute.  Every woman who saw my first bunny, Coconut, freaked out over her cuteness.  People were visiting my desk at work and asking after Coco!  She comes to work with me and I always take her home of course, just so she won’t get lonely.

I got my second bunny, Peaches, as a good luck charm for home.  She sits with my husband most days while he works, although he tells me that she sometimes gets up and goes into the fridge for a snack.  I’ve never seen either bunny awake, but he has lots of times.  Mostly they sleep peacefully, what a life!

Coconut is the white, small bunny, and Peaches is the (in Sonja Ahlers’ words) “capezio ballet slipper” coloured bunny.  Normally Peaches sleeps in a small bowl, but Joe thought that today they would like a snuggle.  Enjoy the cuteness!

They sleep.  A lot.