Hawaiian Honeymoon Part II

by pambythesea

Our first full day we attended the commitment ceremony of our friends Danika and Adam.  Danika set us up on a blind date, so we really owe her a lot!  It was a really nice day with great music and nice speeches.  Adam’s dad is from Newfoundland with the best accent and singing voice.  Here’s a little video of him doing his thing:


Our next day was spent first 1. Driving to Pearl Harbour to get tickets for the 2 pm tour; 2. Driving to the University of Honolulu so Joe could meet with a prof in his field; 3. Driving to Ala Moana shopping centre, which is huge and crazy, so I could go to J. Crew; 4. Getting stuck in traffic on the way to Pearl Harbour and arriving at 1:55 for our 2 pm tour; 5. Finding an amazing parking spot, running to our tour and making it just in time!   It is a nice monument to a terrible tragedy, so if you’re into history it’s worth a visit.  It was raining when we went out to the monument that was built over the sunken Arizona battleship, and people were freaking out about getting wet.  The best part is that these old ladies with hilarious perms didn’t want to walk over the monument, and a guard said to them “Ladies, I’m sure it rains where you come from and you don’t melt there, so you won’t here either.  Get out there!”.  It was the best!  I don’t know if they understood him, but they were pissed off!  Heehee!  Ladies, you’re at a war memorial standing overtop of hundreds of dead young men, stop freaking out about your hair getting wet. 

 J. Crew was of course very nice, but I felt bad about making Joe go shopping.  Why doesn’t this store exist in Canada?!  That day was way too much driving, but we got a lot done. I got a skirt, white t-shirt, fluorescent shirt and my first pair of blue jeans in about 5 years.  

Linen skirt, J. CrewNeon t, J. CrewWhite tissue t, J. CrewSlim boy jeans, J. Crew