Hawaiian Honeymoon, Part III

by pambythesea

Our next day was spent getting up early to visit Hauanuma Bay a protected reef that is a great snorkeling spot.  They make you watch a really cheesy video before you get in the water about how to protect the reef, and then we were free to go!  Joe was SO excited, and when we got in and started seeing fish he was hooting underwater!  So sweet.  I bought a waterproof film (!) camera and snapped all of the photos, and I think they turned out really cool.  There were tons of reef fish and so much movement and colour.  The water is also really warm and shallow, so it was really relaxing.  We swam to the outer reef where we were all alone, and that was the best part.  Tons of people started showing up at around 10, so it was good we came early. 

I know it’s hard to see, but the little flash of purple and yellow is the coolest fish!  I studied his cousin in Australia.  He’s the cleaner wrasse, and he lives on the reef, eating the parasites off other fish. He sets up a little station, and fish come by and wait to be cleaned.  I saw one once in Australia swimming through the gills of this gigantic fish.  So cool!