Hawaiian Honeymoon, Part IV

by pambythesea

My Mom and Stepdad Peter came that evening which was great!  And now the photos begin!  We only really had one full day with them, and it was packed.  We did a driving tour of the north of Oahu, which is where my mom, sister and I stayed last year.  We started off at the very cheesy and fun Dole Plantation where they grow pineapples.

A baby pineapple

It takes two years for the plant to start producing pineapples, and one plant will only produce about 2 fruits!  We went into the giftshop to use the washroom, and they had this promotion where you get a key and open this “treasure chest” to see what coupon you get.  I’m pretty sure they give one key shape to men and one to women, because my mom and my keys both opened the chest and Joe and Pete’s didn’t.  We won half-price ($7) on a pearl that they shuck right out of the oyster for you!  How can you say no?!  My mom’s pearl was white and mine was pink.  Then they drill a hole into the pearl and try to sell you a whole necklace set, but we skipped that part of the racket!

Here is my pearl revealed!

Our pearl-shucker was named Leslie, which is also my mom’s name.

From there we drove through Haleiwa, an historic surf town that’s the setting for major surf competitions during the winter like Pipeline and Sunset.  We stopped at one beach that always has sea turtles close to shore feeding on algae.  So cute!  Then we continued on to Romy’s shrimp shack, recommended to us by a fruit seller on the side of the road.  They farm the shrimp behind the truck, and they are really fresh.  We had to wait half an hour, and we supposedly beat the rush!  It was worth it though, the food was so yummy.  I debated about getting shrimp or prawns, and I’m so glad I chose shrimp (with garlic and butter).  The prawns were crazy!  My stepdad brought his container over, and the prawns’ antennae and legs were sticking out the sides! 



Mmm, sooooo good!

After that we drove to Turtle Bay Resort, where I stayed last year with my mom and sister, and where Joe and I stayed at the end of our vacation.  My mom wanted to show it to my stepdad, plus we wanted to go for a really nice walk that goes by a WWII bunker and a huge Banyan tree.  The walk was totally worth it- there were lots of sea turtles, beautiful trees, and humpback whales!  My stepdad spotted them first.  They were pretty far offshore, but they were breeching and fin slapping, it was great. 


That night we went out for our last dinner in Kailua.  We went to this popular restaurant on the river and they have huge Mai Tai’s.  They also had huge portion sizes- I think my stepdad got an entire rack of ribs!  He even had to give some away, and when my stepdad gives food away, you know there’s a problem.  It was a really nice way to end our time in Kailua.  The next morning my mom and stepdad went to the Big Island, and Joe and I went to Kauai, the Garden Island.