Hawaiian Honeymoon, Part V

by pambythesea

Kauai was so, so amazing.  It is really paradise on earth.  The population on Kauai is much smaller, and it was a lot more chill than Oahu.  Two separate people joked that we came to Kauai to go on vacation from Oahu!  We stayed at Hanalei Colony Resort, which we found on a deal through Expedia.  The place was amazing, and huge!  It was bigger than our apartment!  We were really lucky to stay here.  We had a full kitchen (like in Kailua), which was great because we don’t like eating out too much.  Our first night we made homemade pizza from scratch, which was so easy and cheap!  It felt weird buying flour on vacation, but wow how amazing things rise in the tropics! 

Living room


Mmm, pizza on our lanai

On our first day we decided to walk a few beaches over to Tunnels, a popular snorkeling spot.  We met a really sour lady on our way there who told us it was way to far to walk, and she made Joe so mad!  Heehee.   It was totally fine, and Tunnels was great.  There were some people there, but the reef was so big it didn’t really matter.  My favourite fish was a little blue guy with bright purple shiny spots.  For some reason I was getting really freaked out about sharks, and I was kind of on edge.  Poor Joe, he thought I went a bit crazy. 


Tunnels Beach

Bird on the beach!

That afternoon we decided to go for a little hike.  We read online about this short hike that went to a small waterfall, but the site also warned that where you start the hike, the locals blocked the road pretending it was private property, and that they could be aggressive.  No big deal we thought, and off we went.  But yes, the locals were there, and they were very aggressive!  We walked up and some scary looking dude immediately came down to tell us it was private property and the hike had been closed for four years.  Right.  I think it was much more likely that he had been cooking meth in his garage for the past four years, and he also didn’t want us to discover his marijuana patch.  Boo!  But we found another really nice hike just down the road that went up and gave us a great view of all of Hanalei Bay.  Joe even saw the butt of a wild pig!  

On our way

This one’s for my mom- Tic Tacs!

Hanalei Bay