Hawaiian Honeymoon, Part VI

by pambythesea

We had heard a lot about the Na’Pali Coast hike on the Kalalau Trail, which is a 22 mile round trip hike near where we stayed.  We couldn’t really do that in a day (ha!), so we decided to do the first part of the hike and then head inland to see the waterfall on the Hanakapi’ai Trail.  It was a beautiful day and hadn’t rained in two days, so the trail was fairly dry, although everything is relative!  I couldn’t imagine walking on this trail in the rain, it was even kind of slick the day we went.  The first stop is at Hanakapi’ai Beach, which they warn you is a really dangerous place to swim!  The currents here are crazy, and in the winter the water crashes so much that the beach sweeps into the water!  It gets returned when the water calms down.  After some water and a little peanut butter sandwich, we started hiking inland to the falls.  A lot less people were on this part of the hike, and it was a LOT harder. We walked past the remnants of the plantation that was once here, where they grew coffee, mangoes, bamboo, papaya and jackfruit.  We crossed about four rivers, and I eventually gave up trying to keep my feet dry and just walked right through.  We also scrambled over a lot of wet rocks.  Approaching the falls was amazing- the spray was cold and there were impatiens growing wildly (and invasively!) along the path!  Unfortunately my camera batteries died about halfway to the falls, but here are some pics:

Serious hiking dude.

I love the colour of the water in Hawaii!

One of many stream crossings

Figures all over the beach


It was really muddy.  But mud be-damned!

Huge bamboo!

Joe and jackfruit sitting in a tree…

The falls are about 400 feet, and you can feel the energy coming off them!  Joe and I had to get in and swim under them.  The water was freezing, and it was very, very hard to actually get to the waterfall because of the crazy winds and waves it produced!  It  was so fun though, something I’ll never forget.  The hike back was really nice and felt much quicker than on the way there.  The only problem was that Joe and I didn’t pack enough water or nearly enough food, so I did have some faint feelings along the way!  In total we finished the whole trip in about 4.5 hours, which is really fast.  I was thinking about all of the fabulous water waiting for me at the end!