Hawaiian Honeymoon Part VII

by pambythesea

Our next day was our water day, which also turned into a lobster day for poor Joe’s and my skin.  Sigh!  We started off with a surfing lesson.  Joe and I have both surfed before, but we figured it would be a good thing to get a lesson and feel comfortable.  We got to the “break” in Hanalei Bay and realized that we had been quite mistaken.  The waves were about a foot, and there were so many people!  We learned a bit, but there were so many kids in the water, and I really, really didn’t want to hurt anyone.  Joe and I actually left early because it was just no fun.  Do not recommend!

Our afternoon was better, because we rented some stand-up paddleboards and paddled down the river.  It was very relaxing, although there were huge crazy spiders all set up in the bushes lining the rivers.   I stayed away!  I think my favourite part was seeing this hilarious stoner lady eating lunch at this riverside café.  We had seen her every day driving in her white van or walking around in her nylons and shorts combo, always asking “You guys smoke?” with this hilarious grin.  We had even seen her that morning driving really slowly with a traffic cone stuck under her van!  When Joe saw her, he paddled over to her just to see if she would ask us if we smoked!  She didn’t, but it was so funny!  I think she thought Joe was a bit crazy actually.  Kettle, black! 

Nope, our titanium dioxide sunscreen didn’t protect us for the 8 hours we were outside.  Funny, that.

Sadly, it was our last night in Kauai.  Joe bought me a really nice ring made with Larimar, a stone that is only in Dominican Republic.  It’s the colour of the water in Hawaii, and I love it!  It was really hard to leave Kauai, it was so relaxing and magical.  The morning of our flight we went on a cheesy plantation tour train ride.  It was actually fun, and you can see how burnt we are!  The train stops halfway through to feed some “wild” pigs, which I’m pretty sure they must serve in the restaurant there.  There were a lot of pigs, and the males definitely got a bit randy!  At one point this little kid was taking photos, and she said “Mom, I got a photo of the pigs doing what they were doing!”.  The mom was like “No, no, no!”. 

As you can see, I had some decorum in my photography.

The thing about Kauai is that Joe and I could easily pictured ourselves living there, especially in Hanalei Bay.  I think a lot of people feel that way! We dreamed about becoming mango farmers, or surf instructors, or hotel managers.  Anything really, just so we could stay!