Hawaiian Honeymoon Part VIII

by pambythesea

The shining light at the end of the leaving-Kauai tunnel was that we went back to Oahu and drove up to Turtle Bay Resort for our last two nights.  Our room was awesome, and we had a view of the pool and the ocean. 

They also gave us champagne to celebrate our honeymoon! 

This was the most relaxing part of the trip, because we didn’t leave the hotel grounds at all.  There is so much to do here!  We ate really good food, went for nice walks and hung out by the pool.  Joe actually chilled poolside!  For 20 minutes!  While we drank tropical drinks! 

Our favourite part of the time we were there was a walk we did down the beach.  We found this beautiful little cove on the beach, but a woman was in there gliding around and feeding the fish bread.  She looked so peaceful, so we decided to leave her alone.  On our way back she was getting out of the water, and then she randomly asked us if we wanted a photo.  Then she staged a mini photoshoot for us!  She was the nicest, chillest person ever, totally the vibe of Hawaii!  The cove was lovely, and it was really nice to wade around. 


Thank you nice maybe-Hawaiian girl!

Our time in Turtle Bay was way too short, and it was time to come back to Vancouver.  We have been a bit bummed out returning to real life to say the least, but it was also a really good reminder of the good things in life.  It’s inspired me to pursue some crafting dreams that I have, so I hope I can hold onto the feeling!