The Black Church

by pambythesea

I just spent ten days in beautiful eastern Ontario with Joe’s parents, and it was so blissful.  I love it there!  The scenery is so amazing, and I especially loved all of the old stone houses.  We spent our time canoeing, knitting, exploring Ottawa and Kingston, visiting a dairy farm (!) and antiquing.  It’s a good thing Joe and I aren’t too settled, because our house would be stuffed with old, tiny objects I’m sure!  

Maybe we should just settle here, in the Black Church.  It’s now a house that seemed a bit abandoned, which just added to its allure.

How romantic is this place?!  It’s in the middle of beautiful fields and has a nice garden.  It’s not for sale, but some day maybe Joe and I will buy my dream home!

Who hasn’t wanted to have an office up high in a spire that is tiny and crowded with old books lining the shelves and knick knacks collected from around the world?  Not you?  Oh, well I always have!