More great things about Ontario

by pambythesea

Cottage country in Ontario is really hard to explain to other people unless they’ve been there.  Then they totally get it.  I remember a friend telling me how he would leave his cottage really early on Monday morning and drive 3 hours back to Toronto for work just to have that Sunday evening by the lake.  I get it.

Something fun we did at Joe’s parents’ cottage is make pasta!  Joe’s mom, Jenny, got a pasta maker from Joe’s dad Tom, and we tried it out for the first time!  My mom was there to help out, and my stepdad Pete was unusually well-versed in the process.  

He would jump in just at the right moment with some obscure tip- like drying the pasta on broom handles.  My mom correctly called him out that his previous girlfriend made pasta!  

The pasta was delicious.

While we were at the cottage we also went for dinner in Perth, a really cute town filled with old stone houses.

This is an old mill turned into condos!  

And there are gorgeous houses on the river.

I could live here for sure!