Small things

by pambythesea

I love tiny little nick-knacks (as mentioned before!), and Joe’s parents’ house has their fair share.  So does ours actually, but I just don’t have photos yet.  One of my dreams (goals?) is to open a store for all of the small antique things that are so cute and have such interesting stories.  Here are a few detail shots of the ones Joe grew up with:

These are old medicine and alcohol bottles.  One is a cure for for “hysterical women”, and the alcohol ones were found in the ground on Joe’s property.  His mom said they were near the fenceposts, as I guess the guys working in the fields would lean against the fence whilst drinking whisky.  

I don’t think the teapot is part of the elephant set, but it goes so well!

This was Joe’s dad’s baby bowl.  I had a bunnykins one, and so did Joe!

Elephants on parade

A shadow box!  Joe’s dad built this one!  

My favourite section.  The mouse is a candle snuffer.  Cute!


There are so many more little amazing bits in this house, I love them all.  Some time I’ll show you the little things I’ve collected!