by pambythesea

I haven’t finished posting photos from my trip yet, don’t you worry!    

A highlight of the trip was visiting Joe’s aunt and uncle’s dairy farm.  It is a really idyllic place, and the cows were so cute.  

And friendly!

Since I was little I dreamt of being a country vet, travelling from farm to farm helping birth cows and eating biscuits.  This is totally influenced by my childhood love of James Herriot.  I thought of becoming a vet probably up until 5 years ago actually, but it’s not all biscuits and calves I imagine!  Anywhoo, I LOVE farms!  They even had the obligatory kitten.

Kitten and calf!  Kitten and calf!  Two seconds after I took this photo, the calf trampled the kitten.  It’s gotta learn somehow!