by pambythesea

So, Joe and I have a bunny.  We very, very reluctantly have a bunny.  

She looks reluctant too.  🙂

Joe was out with his friends, and saw this little bun being stalked by cats.  Very sad.  After a few panicked moments, he was able to throw his shirt over her and catch her.  What a hero!  

Of course we weren’t going to keep her at first.  We tried to find her owner, but I was fairly certain that she was “released back to the wild”.  Sometimes I hate people.  Then, after no one came forward, we were going to take her to the SPCA.  But then we started feeling really bad for her.  She’s a very sweet girl- she was litter trained in a day and she didn’t chew anything.  And she was obviously traumatized.  But she hates being touched and you can’t pick her up without her freaking.  We worried that she would never get adopted and just sit in a cage forever. 

So we kept her.  

I would never, ever recommend having a bunny as a pet.  She still doesn’t let us pet her, she’s hard to train, and she doesn’t really play.  Bunnies are not kid-friendly at all.  But she is quite charming!  She loves banana and goes in her cage at the end of the night all on her own and waits for her banana treat.  She also loves it when we lie on the floor, she comes right over and climbs around.  She also comes up on the couch, and my goal is to have her sit on our laps one day.  Haha.

She also loves to run around and jump in the air, kind of like a frenetic bunny dance.  I think she has been good for us.  Joe works from home a lot, and it’s good for him to have someone there with him.  He even admitted the other that he loves her!  I kind of do too.  She’s alright.