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Month: November, 2011

My latest shoe craving

It seems like I always have that one pair of wonderful shoes in my mind’s eye, nagging me at the back of my brain.  This time, it’s these:

I know they’re kind of creepy loafers, but they are so cute!  From Fluevog


Baz is a digger!

Another wonderful part of my weekend was hanging out with my sister and her adorable puppy Shabzi.  He’s wonderful!  Except when he’s trying to bite your cashmere scarf!

Check him out:

With my gorgeous sister, Katy.  


One of the best parts of Shabazi is that he’s a digger!  Joe and I love to go to the dog beach and look at all of the doggies.  My favourite type of dogs are always the diggers.  What is their motivation?!

Here he is, digging away, and Baz is a digger!

He even made it onto the Daily Puppy!

If I had $949.00…

I could afford this amazing Paul Smith cape:

But I wouldn’t buy it.  Because that would be silly.

Tree of Life

I know I’m a little late to blog about this movie, but I finally got around to seeing it tonight, and I LOVED it.  It got mixed reviews and boos at Cannes where it debuted, but I thought it was amazing.  What struck me was the relationship between the father and his sons.  He loved them so much, but showed it in such destructive ways.  

The costumes also grabbed me, I can’t believe all of the dresses the mother wore.  The costume designer, Jacqueline West, got a lot of them vintage.  For those of us like myself who have no hope of fitting most 1950’s and ‘60’s vintage, someone please make these in 2000’s sizes!  Here are some of my favourites:

This one was my favourite.  It went down to mid-calf, and the skirt wasn’t tight, but wasn’t flared either.  It reminded me a lot of this Wikstenmade dress.

I didn’t notice this one right away (probably because I was crying!), but c’mon?!


See it!

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