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Month: December, 2011

Christmas Eve

Was spent first with my mother-in-law, Jenny, at Walmart.  Yes, Walmart.  We were wrapping gifts for shoppers to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society, so it was a very worthy cause!  Great people watching too!  Here are Jenny and I with our Walmart badges:

We came home and I went for a cleansing walk with Joey around the farm.  It’s so beautiful here right now- chilly, but the snow is so fluffy, and the fields are dusted.

Macro is the best.

There were snow crystals over everything!

These were all over the surface of a frozen pool.  Amazing!  Imagine if this were a silver ring?  Maybe I’ll make one someday.

Such a woodsman.

And this is what my glasses look like when I come back inside:



Christmas 2011 p1!

Ahh, holidays!  Wonderful holidays!  Joe and I are spending our holidays in 3 different places- Kimberley with my Dad first, then North Augusta with Joe’s family, and then my mom and stepdad’s cottage/Toronto.  Whew!

Kimberley was really nice, very Christmas-ey and wintery.  We spent our time going for a fun Bavarian dinner, downhill skiing, carolling and cross-country skiing.  I love cross-country!  It’s so peaceful, but great cardio.  

Didn’t realize at the time that they were nordic twins!

Do you think we look alike?  People think we do, but I only see it in the eyes.  A bit hard to tell I guess what with the beard, goggles, and hats!

My love!

Kimberley is surrounded by mountains, the Rockies are so beautiful.

Something really fun we did was carolling!  My dad is in the community choir, so right after we flew in we saw him in concert:

My dad’s the one looking up.

We were invited to a potluck at one of the choirladies’ houses the next night.  The food was amazing, and we sang carols for an hour after dinner.  It really put me in the Christmas spirit!  

Our last night, we made homemade pizza on the bbq.  It was -10 outside!

Bye-bye Bea

Joe and I gave Bea away a few weeks ago.  We are moving (more on that later!) and couldn’t take her with us, so I posted an ad on Craigslist.  We’re not moving for a few months, but I wanted to start early because I could only imagine how hard it would be to find someone who would want a bunny they couldn’t touch or snuggle.  

This was Bea’s favourite spot- she would curl up on this pillow and watch Joe and I on the couch.  So cute!

Anywhoo, I posted a very honest ad on Craigslist on Sunday, and on Monday I received an e-mail from a woman named Krysta.  She owned a bunny before and totally understood all of what it entails.  She came by that night to meet her, and seemed to fall in love.  We took Bea over to her house that night.

I was a bit sad, and it was weird not to have Bea around, but I’m also amazed at how wonderful people really can be.  Krysta knew that Bea didn’t like being petted, but took her in anyway.  Of course we saw a lot of good in Bea, and it’s just so nice that someone else did too!  Bea is in a wonderful new home, and Joe and I are so, so relieved.  Whew!

Lovely ladies!

I really have some wonderful friends!  I was just reminded of this while looking through some photos.  Here is a recent shot of Rowena, Tiphaine and I one weekend after visiting Portobello West market:

Ro and Tif are friends of mine from school, and they are wonderful!  Tif is currently on a boat on her way to Antarctica to work on fur seals!  Amazing.  Love you girls!

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