The Sashiko trials

by pambythesea

I’m going to try a new craft this year!  Knitting consumed me for the past few years, but I’m feeling the need to branch out.  Maybe because I have all of the scarves a person could need, and I’m moving to Brisbane in a few months where the average winter temperature is 21 C.  

I first noticed sashiko on the Purl Bee, and I was immediately drawn to it.  One of my loves is repeating geometric patterns, and this embroidery is pretty much that!  

It seems simple but beautiful, and is a craft I can do on the bus.  I ordered some supplies, so I should be getting started any day now!  I envision eventually making a queen-size quilt covered in repeated shapes- but I’ll start with the sampler and see how that goes!  

Photo from the Purl Bee