Our new puppy, Rose!

by pambythesea

Because my sister got a new puppy, Shabazi: 

I thought it was time for Joe and I to get one for ourselves.  Meet Rose:

Isn’t she just the most hilarious thing you ever did see?  I was walking by a second-hand shop at 4th and Macdonald the other day, and did a double-take over this picture.  I couldn’t resist.  After asking how much that doggy was in the window, she was mine for $10.  

I love that someone hand-made this, and embroidered its name on it.  And I love the googly eyes.  So many people commented on it on my way home, just like a real puppy- Rose is a hit!  

Not a smart thing to buy just before one moves to Australia, but who would resist that face?!  Oh, and Joe loves her!