In-law visit animal bonanza!

by pambythesea

My in-laws, Jenny and Tom, are visiting right now ahead of Joe and my move to Brisbane.  We’re having a great time, but unfortunately they’re leaving tomorrow morning :(.  

They arrived on Wednesday and picked me up from work that day, what a treat!  On Thursday we spent the day at the Museum of Anthropology, which is so great.  They redid it last year I think, and it’s so well-organized now.  After that, Jenny and I met Joe’s cousin, Sarah, at Anthropologie so I could show Jenny one of my expensive mecca’s.  I did buy two things, but now I’m looking on ebay to see if I get a better price (not something I do at small stores, but I don’t see that Anthro will go bankrupt from me saving some $$).  

On Friday, Joe had a conference in Victoria, so we dropped him off at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal at 6am and waited at a coffee shop while the sun rose (!).  Then we went to see the snowy owls!  There were people there already at 7:30 am!

There were owls galore.  Probably about 20!  I don’t have a great zoom, but the owls are the white dots 😉

After that we headed off to Reifel Bird Sanctuary .  We were the first ones there!  You can buy bags of seed for $1, and we got two.  Well, the ducks there follow you around just waiting, and one lame duck in particular really tugged at Jenny’s heartstrings.

Her seed was gone in about 15 minutes.  We had some more, and found a quiet spot to feed chickadees:

Lovely little guys.

We saw tons of waterfowl, juvenile bald eagles, and sandhill cranes.  

Really, if you have to get accosted by a bird, you can’t get a lot better than ducks!

After leaving Reifel and feeling quite cold, we decided to have lunch- at 10:30 am!  It’s really weird to wake up at 5 and feel so tired, but get so much done in your day.  We even had time to laze around for a few hours!  

The rest of our visit was spent at Granville Island in the pouring rain, walking around, and today walking Shabazi.  The Kits dog beach is pure joy!  Maybe the happiest place on earth?  Shabaz played with a really cute 3-month old English sheepdog who had an awesome hip-check:

There were tons of amazing dogs there, including a creepy boston terrier with one blue and one brown eye who was obsessed with humping and eventually had to leave, and some great cross-breeds that were so cute.  We also saw this little girl:

Now we’re off to a mexican dinner.  A yummy end to a wonderful visit!