Let it snow

by pambythesea

I was in Kimberley last weekend visiting my dad, and it was full of snow!  I flew in Friday night, and the airline warned us that they might not be able to land and we would have to redirect to Lethbridge, Alberta and stay the night (at our own expense, of course).  Luckily we made it, but the plane was crazy!  It was two seats per aisle, and you had to bend over to get in and walk to your seat.  Eep. 

Kimberley was beautiful, they had probably 3 feet of snow.  My dad and I went cross-country skiing Saturday and Sunday, my favourite winter activity:

I was in Kimberley for two reasons- first because he turned 70!  Doesn’t he look good?  

We were also there to say goodbye, since Joe and I are moving to Brisbane March 18.  

I made my last snow angel for a long, long time, and took it all in.  

Of course it snowed two days later in Vancouver, but thankfully not like this!  🙂