by pambythesea

Joe and I are in Brisbane! We’ve been here for a little less than a week, and it feels like both a day and forever. Joe defended his phd a few weeks (!) ago, and he starts a postdoc position at the university of Queensland April 2, so we moved here from Vancouver. Life is a-changing’!

This is us after a long day of apartment hunting. We hit the ground running, and I have the blisters to show for it! We found a great apartment, and hopefully will get the keys tomorrow!

It’s right on the river, here’s our view:

So nice! We have two bedrooms- who wants to visit? It’s about 26 and sunny right now!

Next up is buying furniture and appliances. Apartments in Australia don’t come with fridges or washers- so weird. It’s fun to start all over again; daunting bit refreshing! Speaking of daunting, the job hunt for me also begins… Eep!

P.s. we miss you Van!