Road couch

by pambythesea

So, we got a dining set and couch last night. We found them both on gumtree from two different people that lived fairly close together. I called this guy who advertised delivery services online for $70, and we arranged that Joe and I would first look at the furniture, then call him to set pick up times.

After seeing the couch and dining set and deciding to get them, we called the delivery guy, Joel The Ute Driver. He told me he was “at the shops”, and would call back within the hour. Joe and I sat in the driveway of the family we had bought the dining set from, like foolasses, until finally he called. When he arrived in his “ute”, it turned out a ute is an el camino! As in, car in the front, pickup in the back. Lots of people have them here, hilarious.

He only had one passenger seat, so he and Joe loaded up and took off to get the couch while I took the bus home. When Joe got home he had some good news and some bad.

The good news was that the dining set was fine. I guess the other good news was that Joel The Ute Driver didn’t mug Joe, But that’s besides the point. The bad was that the couch had a little accident. I guess Joel The Ute Driver was going a bit fast, and the couch cushions flew off onto a 4-lane road! They only found out when another driver yelled to them “mate, ya cushions flew off 100m back!”. They made a u-turn and grabbed one cushion quickly, but just as Joel The Ute Driver was about to grab the second one, a car ran over it. And dragged it many meters. At this point I was rolling in the aisles picturing this scene, poor Joe!

We surveyed the damage today:

Not the greatest couch to start with…

Oh dear, I see a tire tread. Maybe the other side looks okay?

Yeah, that’s going to need some cleaning.