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Month: April, 2012


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California churros

Because everyone knows that Cali makes the best churros (?!)

Protein bars

Joe and I both like the convenience of protein bars, especially since he works out 5 days a week and needs to eat a lot! But we definitely hate the waste and price of bars- most are over $3 each! Plus they can have really gross ingredients.

I decided to finally do something about it by making my own. The ingredients:

Whey protein powder ($35, but will last a long time), honey ($4, also will last a while), rice puffs (about $3), peanut butter ($4), dried cherries ($5), and chocolate ($3). Btw, Micks Nuts in the West End is amazing! They sell bulk foods at awesome prices. I got a big bag of spray-free almonds there a few days ago for $3.50! They also sell macadamia nut butter, super yummy. It also has a nice, old-fashioned feel, since you tell someone how much you want of each item, they tally it up by hand, and you pay in cash.
To make the bars, I mixed up all of the ingredients and added a bit of water to make it into a paste. Then I smushed it onto some parchment paper and baked for about 15 minutes. The results were amazing!

Joe couldn’t wait for them to cool off, he just dug in. I cut the rest of it up, wrapped each in tin foil and stored them in the fridge.

I’m betting each bar cost less than $1, and I know every ingredient. I’m a convert, no store-bought bars for this girl (or for her husband) anymore!

Look at this man:

He needs his protein!

Cat on a hot tin garage door

Love this little guy:

Look, he’s wearing a bow!

So, so prosh.

Walnut honey bread

I love baking, but I didn’t have too much time in Vancouver to make bread because of the rising and whatnot. Now that I’m here, I was really looking forward to baking delicious bread! The weather is so nice for rising dough, and I was eager to get started. The one issue was that we shipped a lot of our kitchen stuff, including measuring cups, and none of it has arrived yet.

I decided to solider on and make bread sans measurers. I was expecting disaster and got… delicious bread! Seriously, so good!

I put flour in a bowl, one packet of yeast, a handful of chopped walnuts and some salt. Then I added a dollop of honey and some water. Just a bit to start, then I added enough to get the right consistency. Then the kneading! It rose wonderfully and baked up really well.

If you’ve made bread before, just try winging it some time. The results can be amazing!

Night Blooms

Frangipani in the moonlight:

To me, there is nothing more romantic than moonlight.

Society Collective

I just read about Society Collective in Peppermint magazine (more on that in another post). It’s a bag company that employs indigenous workers in Colombia. There’s more info on the social aspect of the company on their site, but I wanted to show you two of their bags. They are so cool!
I love the pattern of this one:
And the colour of this one:
Cool, right?


I usually cut my own hair to save money and because most hairdressers have no idea how to cut my hair. I have quite curly hair, but it’s fine. Most people think curly hair is thick- not true! I have had some bad haircuts in my past, ooh boy!

My hair has been looking pretty bad lately, especially because I stopped dyeing it, so the ends were quite a bit lighter than the roots. I finally bit the bullet and found a salon online that mentioned curly hair. And not just a mention that they could straighten my curls (drives me crazy!), but that they actually celebrate curls. I went to Eco Hill and saw Carmen, who was so nice! Here is the end result:

I swear it’s cuter/ less frizzy in real life. And that I’m not as pale as these photos suggest. The cut was a bit shorter than I intended, but I really like it. My hair feels so great. And the back:

Perfect for this warmer climate!

Mos Burger

I heard through the grapevine that this new burger place at the Queen St mall downtown was amazing, so Joe and I tried it out this weekend.

Mos Burger lived up to the hype! It’s a Japanese burger joint, and has beef, fish and veggie burgers with a twist. It’s kind of fast food, except that you order, then they make it and someone brings your food to you.

Joe and I both tried this teriyaki beef burger that was on a STICKY RICE BUN! I loooove sticky rice!

They were served with fries and unsweetened green tea, which was so nice!

Joe was really happy. He has his proud face on here.

Yum! I’m going back for sure!

Little beauty

I saw this little guy outside our apartment.

What a beaut!

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