Koala Cuties

by pambythesea

Joe and I saw lots of cute koalas today! Our new friend Anna took us to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, and it was quite nice! I feel a bit on the fence about zoos in general (no pun intended), but this one seemed well-run. There were lots of adorable koalas!

They were lazy and sleepy, quite content to munch on eucalyptus and sit in crooks of trees.

There’s a baby there, can you spot it?
They had lots of other Australian animals too. Like kookaburra:

Later on we saw them eating chicks. As in baby chickens (dead ones!).
And emu:

I was freaked out by them. So creepy, like dinosaurs! I got brave enough to touch it:

We also got to feed kangaroos!

We could pat them too. They had an area roped off where the roos could get away from people, that was good to see. We even saw a little joey:

So precious! A great end to a busy week. Tomorrow Joe starts his job and I’m on my own. Hmmm