Stradbroke Island

by pambythesea

Today Anna, Joe and I went to Straddie for the day. It was lovely! It’s about an hour drive from Brisbane, then a half hour ferry ride. The island has beaches, surfing and general chilling, which seems to be what most people were up to.

We started off with a nice boardwalk stroll above the ocean:

And ran into some awesome fishermen.

They were true Aussie blokes: super friendly and ready for a chat. They told us all about the island and the good places to go. They were camping on the beach with their kids, just surfing and fishing. We may take a tour of Fraser Island with one of them! They embodied one of the best Aussie traits I’ve noticed: genuine friendliness with no worry about creating an awkward situation. That it something I plan on encouraging in myself.

After a little lunch break, we headed down to the beach. Ahh, ocean! There is nothing better. The sand was super soft, and the water was cool and clean. There were lots of beach creatures to be seen:

Like blue bottles! These jellies were everywhere. They were all quite small, but they can be deadly. And painful! They often occur in swarms, which is why we saw so many. Their stingers still work even after they die on the beach:

So why not pick it up then!

We also found a dismembered prawn:

And some young lovebirds making out on the beach:

(not Joe and I!) Joe begged me not to take this photo to “give them privacy”. Not sure if you can expect privacy on a public beach, am I right?

Such a refreshing day, and so nice to be back by the sea!