Culinary disaster

by pambythesea

I had my second culinary disaster of Oz. The first involved a roast chicken that took about two hours longer than I thought it would. We made something else and had the chicken for lunch the next day. Dinner fail!

This is how i felt tonight when the second disaster occurred. I started making pizza dough in the early afternoon, and it rose beautifully. When I went to bake it, it was quite wet, so I thought I would put down some parchment paper. The two stuck together a bit, but I figured that’s what parchment is for, right? Wrong. Mistake 1.

Mistake 2 involved me almost lighting some aluminum foil on fire (!). I won’t get into that one too much, just that it resulted in me having to take my Gorgonzola, mozzarella and basil pizza out of the oven a bit early. That’s where the trouble began.

Yes, it looked as disgusting as the picture in real life. It was still a bit doughy and totally stuck to the parchment. And because of the aluminum foil incident, I couldn’t put it back in the oven to finish. Joe had just returned from the gym and was ravenous, so we dove in with spoons.

Yeah, it wasn’t good. Kind of like eating doughy melted cheese. We got totally cheesed out, then decided to go for dinner. Sigh!

I don’t know what’s happened to me! Normally I’m a great cook! Maybe my subconscious sabotaged the pizza in a bid to remind me I would be a terrible housewife?