by pambythesea

I usually cut my own hair to save money and because most hairdressers have no idea how to cut my hair. I have quite curly hair, but it’s fine. Most people think curly hair is thick- not true! I have had some bad haircuts in my past, ooh boy!

My hair has been looking pretty bad lately, especially because I stopped dyeing it, so the ends were quite a bit lighter than the roots. I finally bit the bullet and found a salon online that mentioned curly hair. And not just a mention that they could straighten my curls (drives me crazy!), but that they actually celebrate curls. I went to Eco Hill and saw Carmen, who was so nice! Here is the end result:

I swear it’s cuter/ less frizzy in real life. And that I’m not as pale as these photos suggest. The cut was a bit shorter than I intended, but I really like it. My hair feels so great. And the back:

Perfect for this warmer climate!