Walnut honey bread

by pambythesea

I love baking, but I didn’t have too much time in Vancouver to make bread because of the rising and whatnot. Now that I’m here, I was really looking forward to baking delicious bread! The weather is so nice for rising dough, and I was eager to get started. The one issue was that we shipped a lot of our kitchen stuff, including measuring cups, and none of it has arrived yet.

I decided to solider on and make bread sans measurers. I was expecting disaster and got… delicious bread! Seriously, so good!

I put flour in a bowl, one packet of yeast, a handful of chopped walnuts and some salt. Then I added a dollop of honey and some water. Just a bit to start, then I added enough to get the right consistency. Then the kneading! It rose wonderfully and baked up really well.

If you’ve made bread before, just try winging it some time. The results can be amazing!