Protein bars

by pambythesea

Joe and I both like the convenience of protein bars, especially since he works out 5 days a week and needs to eat a lot! But we definitely hate the waste and price of bars- most are over $3 each! Plus they can have really gross ingredients.

I decided to finally do something about it by making my own. The ingredients:

Whey protein powder ($35, but will last a long time), honey ($4, also will last a while), rice puffs (about $3), peanut butter ($4), dried cherries ($5), and chocolate ($3). Btw, Micks Nuts in the West End is amazing! They sell bulk foods at awesome prices. I got a big bag of spray-free almonds there a few days ago for $3.50! They also sell macadamia nut butter, super yummy. It also has a nice, old-fashioned feel, since you tell someone how much you want of each item, they tally it up by hand, and you pay in cash.
To make the bars, I mixed up all of the ingredients and added a bit of water to make it into a paste. Then I smushed it onto some parchment paper and baked for about 15 minutes. The results were amazing!

Joe couldn’t wait for them to cool off, he just dug in. I cut the rest of it up, wrapped each in tin foil and stored them in the fridge.

I’m betting each bar cost less than $1, and I know every ingredient. I’m a convert, no store-bought bars for this girl (or for her husband) anymore!

Look at this man:

He needs his protein!