Coolum getaway

by pambythesea

Joe and I are on sort of a holiday! His lab is having a retreat today and tomorrow, and I’m along for the ride. We are staying with our friend Anna in a nice resort apartment, but a lot of his lab is camping. We’ll be here for the weekend as well doing some surfing and beach walking.

Since Joe and his labmates are in workshops over the next two days, I get to spend some time by myself. And I love it! My goals are to spend lots of time at the beach and knit.

This was my first view if the beach and I was so happy!

It wasn’t especially warm out, but it was lovely for beach walking.

The water was not too cold, and so beautiful.

I sat down and felt the sand. I walked as far as I wanted at my own pace. I thought. It was lovely! It’s not like I have many restrictions in my day to day life (hello, I’m unemployed!), but it was still great to recharge alone.

I always think of the little mermaid when I see seafoam, and feel a bit sad. Inside I think I’m quite a dark person! 🙂

After my beach jaunt I ended a lovely day with some cake.

What a life! Tomorrow it may rain. I hope not, but at least if it does I can knit to my heart’s content.