Super moon

by pambythesea

So I guess everyone else saw the bright moon last night? I originally thought it would just be in Australia, which shows you how much I know about space and astronomy! But I do know beauty (as everyone does in their own way) and boy that moon was beautiful!

Joe and I got to see the moon at the beach, it was amazing!

Here is how bright the ocean was. I know it seems pretty black, keep in mind I took this with my iPhone and no flash! I’ll upload some more photos from my camera tomorrow.

On Sunday, Joe, Anna and I left Coolum and stopped in Noosa on the way home. The weather was perfect! Noosa is famous for nice surf, and the clean waves rolling in proved it.

There were tons of surfers in the water! I think Joe and I could handle the waves, but the people make me nervous.

We went on a great walk that promised a koala along the path! Can you spot it?

Maybe in this one?

Here’s the close-up:

Such a cutie! He picked a perfect spot right on the ocean. Smart guy.

We’re back home now, and I feel so refreshed. Today was a holiday, so Joe and I got a 5 day weekend pretty much. Back to it tomorrow!