Help along the way

by pambythesea

I am so touched by all of the wonderful people who have helped me on my job search. I don’t have a job yet, but things are moving along well!

I have had so many friends and acquaintances give great advice and contacts. Lots of Joe’s work friends have provided names, given suggestions and forwarded my resume on to others. They have stuck their neck out for me when they really didn’t have to. The few (wonderful!) friends I have in Australia have helped a ton. Even my hairdresser got in on the action!

I had the nicest interaction today with an older woman who worked at the market where I was buying fruit. As I was checking out, she asked me about what I’m doing here. I told her about Joe’s job, and how I was looking for one. She tried some brainstorming, and when a friend came in to visit her, she got him in on the action as well! At the end of the conversation, she told me to remain positive, as being stressed would chase the jobs away. She said just to keep my head up, stay positive, and good things will come. I try and do this, and hear it from Joe and my family a lot as well, but coming from this wonderful stranger, it meant so much. What a sweetheart!

While looking for a job can really be demoralizing sometimes, the help you get from friends and strangers is a wonderful silver lining in the whole process. A great reminder of the goodwill in all of us!