by pambythesea

I have been thinking a lot lately about the idea of home, and whether I really feel home here. Sometimes I totally do. Joe and I have some nice routines going, like evening walks and going to the market on Saturdays. But other times I really don’t. I miss my Vancouver friends and my family, and it’s weird to never run into anyone I know around town. I’m still surprised to hear Australian accents sometimes!

Today I have a very homey feeling. Maybe because it’s cloudy and cool here. It’s crazy that rainy weather feels comforting; that’s what 12 years of being in Vancouver will do to you! I bet I’ll feel a lot more at home when I get a job. I’ll have more of a real routine.

The job hunt is going alright, but of course these things take time. I’m struggling a lot with the idea of pure intentions in a job. I would love to work for those, rather than an external force like money. Having money is a wonderful thing, and we all work to make it, but I really hope to have a job some day where I feel good about it to the core. 

Something else reinforcing that idea is that I’m volunteering! I’m working at the Australian Marine Conservation Society on their sustainable seafood campaign, and loving it. Everyone there is so nice, and they all work so hard. It makes me feel very happy!

So, what gives you a “home” feeling? Another one for me is the smell of a lake. It reminds me of summers at the cottage. Ahhhhh….