Glitter knittin’

by pambythesea

I got a skein of beautiful CashSilk Lace yarn in Tourmaline by Sweet Georgia Yarns. I love this local Vancouver yarn company! I got it from Urban Yarns, my favourite Vancouver yarn store, just before I left Van for Brisbane.
I used most of the skein for a beautiful lace shawl (that I will show on the blog soon!), and had enough left over for a toque. I wanted to make a simple hat to show off the beautiful colour, and I wanted it to have my obsession, 2 by 2 rib. I don’t know why, I just love it.
Just before I left Vancouver, my in-laws visited, and my mother in law, Jenny, bought me a really cool spool of sequin cotton yarn/ thread from Maiwa at Granville Island. It matched the Sweet Georgia yarn so well, and it was so sparkly! There wasn’t enough to use for the shawl, but I decided to use it in my toque.
I started at the brim, as one usually does, and held the two yarns together. But I quickly realised that the sequins would be quite itchy and scratchy on my forehead. What to do? Here’s what to do.

I knit a band of ribbing the same height as the brim, but just using the soft Sweet Georgia yarn. Then I folded up the brim and knit the cast-on edge of the toque together with the stitches on the needle. I just picked up a stitch on the cast-on edge, and knit it together (k2tog) with the stitch on the needle.

When I finished knitting all of those together, I ended up with a double-layered brim that is glitter on one side:

and soft and sequin-free on the other:

I’m knitting the toque with the two yarns held together, so the whole thing will have sequins. The hidden comfort brim is just a nice little luxury!
I can’t wait to finish this up and wear it. I think it’s going to be beautiful!