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Month: June, 2012

The mom department

You know what? I got really lucky in the mom department.

I also got really lucky in the mother-in-law department. Happy birthday Jenny!

Miles also got really lucky in having such a great new mom. Hopefully Miles and Megan can leave the hospital soon now that the little guy is gaining weight and getting less jaundiced.

He looks like an angel!


Rainy day wears and eats

Today is quite gross out:

I decided to stay home and work, but our house is quite cold, as it is uninsulated and right on the water.

Wearing a scarf indoors! And I’m also wearing leggings UNDER these beauties:

I call these my hoser PJ’s- it’s a Canadian thang! I am oh so fashionable today.

In addition to dressing fabulously, I am also eating a perfectly balanced, crazily healthy meal:

Don’t worry, there was cheese involved, I grated it on after I took the photo. This is my comfort meal- simple pasta with olive oil, salt, pepper and cheese. This one had a bit of added (homemade!) sauce from last night.

What a day! After inhaling the pasta, I think I’ll have some tea and the teeniest bite of chocolate!

Miles Alexander

Joe and my nephew, Miles, was born this weekend! He was a three weeks early which was quite a shock, and is doing amazing!

This was the first photo I saw of him! Freshly in the world!

He’s quite teeny- 4 pounds 11 ounces!

A lot of people think he looks like Joe’s dad, Tom, and I think he has Joe’s nose.

Here he is with Joe’s parents, the new grandparents! I don’t have any photos of Miles with his wonderful mom, Megan, but supposedly she and Joe’s brother Andy (who is photo-shy and probably won’t be featured on the blog) are doing really well.

This is one of those times where it’s not so fun to be in Australia. Joe and I definitely talked about Miles and thought about him for most of the weekend. We both have wonderful aunts and uncles, and we plan on taking those duties very seriously! I think Joe plans on being the fun uncle, while I’m thinking of skewing more on the loving, spoiling side of things. I wish we could meet him right now!

Congratulations Andy and Megan! We love you both and are so proud!

Day at the library

Not too much exciting is happening for me right now, so I’ll have to entertain you with my day at the library. The Brisbane State Library is really, really nice, and has free internet. It’s a hard thing to find in this country, believe me! Right now my neighbourhood is getting broadband, and the provider company is advertising it like they invented the wheel or something. Seriously, get with the times.

Something else the library has is HEAT. Our apartment is freezing! Joe and I have three blankets on our bed, and if I stay home and try to work, I have to wear multiple layers and a scarf. And my lips go purple. It got down to 7 degrees here last night, but most people don’t have indoor heating. We could get a space heater I guess, but we’re cheap! I really shouldn’t complain though, it’s about 23 and sunny outside.

It’s amazing how many people are here during the day. Old men playing video games, students working, lots of people reading. Go library! Last week I was sitting across from two high school students, and they were so hot and heavy I was going to ask them if I should leave! It was hilarious, teen love. They didn’t give a crap I was about three feet away from them.

Here’s where I’m sitting right now:

Not too shabby a view really!

Welcome to my new wordpress blog!

Thanks for making the jump with me! I decided to change over to WordPress for four main reasons:

1. It’s easier to blog from my phone now

2. My blog wasn’t really a tumblr before, so I thought I should move to a more blog-y platform

2. You can now subscribe to my blog via email if you would like! Go to the bottom of this page and enter your email address. You should receive an email when I add a new post.

3. It’s much easier for you to comment! Each post has a “Leave a comment” link. You just type it in and you’re done.

Much better than my old one!

And now, a hilarious photo of me from when Joe and I lived in cold Vancouver:

That’s right, I have HOT eyeballs! 🙂

Fudge on Wheels

Joe and I went for a big walk today, and saw this little cutie. I just had to ask if I could take a few pictures!

His name is Fudge!

He’s wearing a cone because he just got snipped. 

Poor little guy! His lovely owner thought he needed some fresh air, so off for a bike ride it was! 

Haircut for Joe

Joe’s hair was getting a bit mulletudinous, so it was time to give it a cut. I’ve been cutting his hair for a while now, I think I do a pretty good job of it. I present to you the before: 

For comparison, Sheriff Harry S Truman from Twin Peaks:

And the after:

So handsome! I love the before hair too actually, but it’s just hard to know what to do with the back. Maybe he should go to a real hairdresser who could figure it out!

Winter cravings from Gorman

Ahh, how I love Gorman! Their clothes are well-made, colourful, and super fun! Unfortunately a bit out of my price range at the moment (that being about $0 and all!), but we’re just window shopping anyway! My latest cravings from Gorman:

The Peggy Pants in orange. They fit amazing, and how often do you see orange pants?

The Cadet Skirt. Perfect for Brisbane “winter”, and I think it would be appropriate for work (once I get a job!). 

Emily the Zebra top. So unique! So fun!

And lastly,

The Galloping Belt. It’s neon leopard!

Seriously, I feel like this store has the clothes I dream about all in one place. They should have called it “Pam” instead of “Gorman”.

Earrings- should I get a second piercing?

I recently got it in my mind’s eye that I really want to have a second piercing in my earlobes. I think it would be so pretty to always have tiny studs in the second holes, and change up the earrings in the main ones.  I would wear these in the second holes:

These are Mociun from Of a Kind. I love how delicate but tough they are. 

(Photos from Of a Kind). 

And maybe I would wear these sundial earrings from Odette New York in my first ones:

(Photo from Odette New York

They remind me of butterfly wings. They’re hand carved in wax, and cast in bronze or silver. 

Maybe when I get a job (the phrase of my life right now!), I’ll think more seriously about it. 

Long weekend- thanks Queen!

Thanks to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we have a long weekend. Yea! 

We started off the weekend by heading to the West End Market for our weekly grocery shop. We treat it now as more of an in and out experience, rather than checking out all of the stalls and comparing prices. Now we usually head to the one (only one!) organic seller to see what stuff we want/ can afford, then get some bread from a great baker, maybe get some meat from the highly enthusiastic butchers, and get the rest of our fruit and veggies from the really nice Vietnamese sellers. They always give us something for free, so sweet! We also got some lunch from a Spanish stall- beef and bean burritos. They were alright, but messy! I faired okay:

Joe’s was a touch messier!


But by a miracle from above, we both avoided getting it all over ourselves. After the market we had a little visit with my friend Cathy, her husband Cam, and their two adorable boys. Their four-year-old was showing us his globe that had animal pictures  for each country, and was asking Joe and I what we had seen. I don’t know if he understands at all that we’re from Canada, and that Canada is “there” on the globe, and that Australia is “here” in the world. Actually, I’m sure that he has no idea what that means, but he was very impressed that we had seen so many animals! Their little son is 18 months old, and he started speaking! It was so cute, he knows so many words already, but they all sound quite similar. He seemed very proud of himself that he could finally talk. They are both such cuties!

Saturday night we watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which we both liked a lot. Sunday we went for a nice big walk around the neighbourhood. We walked by the creepy, potentially abandoned house near our apartment:

So haunted!

Most of the houses around us are really beautiful, and have lovely gardens:

We also stopped by the PROTEIN POWDER STORE (gotta be hardcore about it) to pick up some supplies for protein bars:

That’s 3 kg of protein powder my friends! It’s so hilarious how protein only comes in huge packages geared towards super muscle-y men with no necks. Such weird marketing!

Last night Joe and I had a bunch of his uni friends over, and went out for pizza. It was a great time, and now Joe and I are going to eat some of the leftovers. Yum! Thank goodness for long weekends!

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