Fixing up the place

by pambythesea

Joe and I finally got some furniture! So far, we have bought a bed, a dining set, and a couch. The road couch. We haven’t really had places to put stuff, so we were just piling things on the floor and trying not to unpack our boxes from Canada. But we have some friends visiting from Townsville, and we realised we needed to get our ish together.

I have been hunting on Gumtree (the Australian Craigslist) and eBay for some cool stuff. I found a great lounge set a few weeks ago that I had delivered up from Victoria. It’s really cool, but it needed quite a lot of work, i.e. cleaning, so we haven’t used it until recently when I finally got around to fixing it up. I also found a retro sideboard for $125, a bookshelf for $100, and a double bed for $100 for the spare room, and we just got those this past Thursday.

Friday and Saturday were spent in a frenzy of cleaning, organising and figuring out the layout for our place. It looks so, so much better now! I’m really happy we waited until we found some cool stuff! And that we had friends coming, just to add in that time pressure. I’ll now take you on a little apartment tour! Of course I was a bad blogger and forgot to take “before” photos, but this post shows our empty apartment when we first moved in.

First on the tour, the bathroom. It’s pretty ugly, as I’ve mentioned before. Our landlord put in a new toilet which helps, and I put up some really cool rain cloud decals by Love Mae from Nook in the West End.

There is a little hole in the wall above the toilet, and ants come out and walk all over the bathroom. I have no idea why but since they are no bother, I like them.

The great thing about the decals is that they are removable and reusable. Since we can’t put holes in our wall, they are a great solution. They also aren’t affected by steam and wetness.

Onto our bedroom. Last time I posted about it, it looked like this. Now that it’s a bit cooler we are using our Hudson’s Bay blanket.

See that bedside table? It’s a milk crate with a sarong overtop. Yeah, we keep it real klassy over here!

Our spare room was previously a repository for our crap, but now it’s our guest room.

Again with the milk crate bedside table. Oh well! The quilt is really old, I think Joe’s grandma made it for him. We have more guests coming soon, so this room will see a lot of use. I love having guests over, and I’m so happy we have a room for them now!

There’s more to see, and I’ll post about the kitchen and living room tomorrow!