Apartment tour continued

by pambythesea

Next on the apartment tour is the kitchen. Unfortunately our kitchen is really small, but Joe and I have made the best of it. We try and stay really organised and neat, because it doesn’t take much mess to really look terrible.

We got that dining set off Gumtree for $100, which I think was a steal. It’s really well made and sturdy. I want to recover the chairs because I don’t like their colour, but I just have to find the right fabric. So yeah, small kitchen! We still cook a ton though, in fact we just went through a two- week stretch of making every meal at home!
The wall just to the right of the fridge (out of the picture) now has a nice little collage of prints and cards:

The card and print featuring couples are by Sophie Blackall, who illustrated a whole series on Etsy based on Missed Connections she read in Craigslist. I bought the print for Joe for Valentines Day, and the card came with it. They two other cards Joe and I exchanged on Valentines, and the drawing is by
my friend Gillian. It’s our love wall!
The living room has improved the most over the past few days.

The lounge I found on eBay is a cool green tweed. I had to take off all of the covers and wash them, and it was a bitch putting them back on. The bookshelf in the back is from eBay, and I love it! It’s perfect for my collection of oddities.

From left to right: quatchi from the Vancouver Olympics; Mortimer my hamster I got for my birthday in first year university; two crotcheted weird dolls from my cousin; the most ugly antique toy bull from Vienna; dinosaur and gnome couples that were Joe and my cake toppers at our wedding; sleeping bunnies Coconut and Peaches; a glass elephant and a sea lion made out of seal fur from a Toronto antique store; the Little Prince; and a duck made out of plastic bags from Anna. On the shelf below: my Brainwave head massager that’s always a crowd pleaser; a chain mail glove I stole from my old lab (used to avoid muskrat bites but it didn’t work); a feather duster from my mom; some gems from Joe and Joe’s mom; some rocks from around B.C.; and a glass of old buttons from Joe’s grandpa. Whew!
And now, our piece de resistance: the sideboard.

To its right is Joe’s music equipment, and some maps of Laos. They are likely temporary, but fine for now. The sideboard has a glass top, mirrored cabinet, and round door on the left. So cool! Joe and I can’t stop going on about it! The handles look like maybe ivory or bone. We bought it from a woman who was selling it for her uncle who bought it in the 1950’s.

I love it! Plus, it solves our picture problem. We can’t drill holes in the cement walls, so instead I just propped up some pictures.
Our house is now probably halfway there. We need to figure out how we can hang some art. Another bookshelf is definitely in order. We maybe need some bedside tables instead of milk crates! And we really need a dresser in the main room. But besides those things, our apartment is feeling much more homey! Who wants to come visit?!