Long weekend- thanks Queen!

by pambythesea

Thanks to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we have a long weekend. Yea! 

We started off the weekend by heading to the West End Market for our weekly grocery shop. We treat it now as more of an in and out experience, rather than checking out all of the stalls and comparing prices. Now we usually head to the one (only one!) organic seller to see what stuff we want/ can afford, then get some bread from a great baker, maybe get some meat from the highly enthusiastic butchers, and get the rest of our fruit and veggies from the really nice Vietnamese sellers. They always give us something for free, so sweet! We also got some lunch from a Spanish stall- beef and bean burritos. They were alright, but messy! I faired okay:

Joe’s was a touch messier!


But by a miracle from above, we both avoided getting it all over ourselves. After the market we had a little visit with my friend Cathy, her husband Cam, and their two adorable boys. Their four-year-old was showing us his globe that had animal pictures  for each country, and was asking Joe and I what we had seen. I don’t know if he understands at all that we’re from Canada, and that Canada is “there” on the globe, and that Australia is “here” in the world. Actually, I’m sure that he has no idea what that means, but he was very impressed that we had seen so many animals! Their little son is 18 months old, and he started speaking! It was so cute, he knows so many words already, but they all sound quite similar. He seemed very proud of himself that he could finally talk. They are both such cuties!

Saturday night we watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which we both liked a lot. Sunday we went for a nice big walk around the neighbourhood. We walked by the creepy, potentially abandoned house near our apartment:

So haunted!

Most of the houses around us are really beautiful, and have lovely gardens:

We also stopped by the PROTEIN POWDER STORE (gotta be hardcore about it) to pick up some supplies for protein bars:

That’s 3 kg of protein powder my friends! It’s so hilarious how protein only comes in huge packages geared towards super muscle-y men with no necks. Such weird marketing!

Last night Joe and I had a bunch of his uni friends over, and went out for pizza. It was a great time, and now Joe and I are going to eat some of the leftovers. Yum! Thank goodness for long weekends!