Winter cravings from Gorman

by pambythesea

Ahh, how I love Gorman! Their clothes are well-made, colourful, and super fun! Unfortunately a bit out of my price range at the moment (that being about $0 and all!), but we’re just window shopping anyway! My latest cravings from Gorman:

The Peggy Pants in orange. They fit amazing, and how often do you see orange pants?

The Cadet Skirt. Perfect for Brisbane “winter”, and I think it would be appropriate for work (once I get a job!). 

Emily the Zebra top. So unique! So fun!

And lastly,

The Galloping Belt. It’s neon leopard!

Seriously, I feel like this store has the clothes I dream about all in one place. They should have called it “Pam” instead of “Gorman”.