Day at the library

by pambythesea

Not too much exciting is happening for me right now, so I’ll have to entertain you with my day at the library. The Brisbane State Library is really, really nice, and has free internet. It’s a hard thing to find in this country, believe me! Right now my neighbourhood is getting broadband, and the provider company is advertising it like they invented the wheel or something. Seriously, get with the times.

Something else the library has is HEAT. Our apartment is freezing! Joe and I have three blankets on our bed, and if I stay home and try to work, I have to wear multiple layers and a scarf. And my lips go purple. It got down to 7 degrees here last night, but most people don’t have indoor heating. We could get a space heater I guess, but we’re cheap! I really shouldn’t complain though, it’s about 23 and sunny outside.

It’s amazing how many people are here during the day. Old men playing video games, students working, lots of people reading. Go library! Last week I was sitting across from two high school students, and they were so hot and heavy I was going to ask them if I should leave! It was hilarious, teen love. They didn’t give a crap I was about three feet away from them.

Here’s where I’m sitting right now:

Not too shabby a view really!