Miles Alexander

by pambythesea

Joe and my nephew, Miles, was born this weekend! He was a three weeks early which was quite a shock, and is doing amazing!

This was the first photo I saw of him! Freshly in the world!

He’s quite teeny- 4 pounds 11 ounces!

A lot of people think he looks like Joe’s dad, Tom, and I think he has Joe’s nose.

Here he is with Joe’s parents, the new grandparents! I don’t have any photos of Miles with his wonderful mom, Megan, but supposedly she and Joe’s brother Andy (who is photo-shy and probably won’t be featured on the blog) are doing really well.

This is one of those times where it’s not so fun to be in Australia. Joe and I definitely talked about Miles and thought about him for most of the weekend. We both have wonderful aunts and uncles, and we plan on taking those duties very seriously! I think Joe plans on being the fun uncle, while I’m thinking of skewing more on the loving, spoiling side of things. I wish we could meet him right now!

Congratulations Andy and Megan! We love you both and are so proud!