Rainy day wears and eats

by pambythesea

Today is quite gross out:

I decided to stay home and work, but our house is quite cold, as it is uninsulated and right on the water.

Wearing a scarf indoors! And I’m also wearing leggings UNDER these beauties:

I call these my hoser PJ’s- it’s a Canadian thang! I am oh so fashionable today.

In addition to dressing fabulously, I am also eating a perfectly balanced, crazily healthy meal:

Don’t worry, there was cheese involved, I grated it on after I took the photo. This is my comfort meal- simple pasta with olive oil, salt, pepper and cheese. This one had a bit of added (homemade!) sauce from last night.

What a day! After inhaling the pasta, I think I’ll have some tea and the teeniest bite of chocolate!