by pambythesea

I love the colourful clothing that Ermie produces. Silk just dyes so nicely, and drapes beautifully. They have a new collection coming out soon, and previews are up on their blog. There are so many beautiful things!

My favourite is the Light of California apron dress.

I love the sunset print, and you can tie it multiple ways. So versatile!

I love the detail on this Indigo Linen Jacket.

These large, silk scarves are amazing!

They would be perfect for Brisbane on a cool spring or fall night.

I definitely have to give a big shout-out to Ermie for using such a gorgeous, non-super-skinny model. It’s really refreshing to see a designer go against the grain of choosing a really skinny hipster model. This model is slim, but looks a bit more like… me! And I can relate to the clothes much more I find. Yea for diversity!