Visit with Jenny and Danika!

by pambythesea

Lucky me- last week I had not one, but two wonderful house guests- Danika, who arrived a week before, and Jenny, who got here last week. They are both in Cairns now for a coral reef conference, but I got to spend some time with them before they headed up there on Sunday.

Most of what we did was quite un-exciting- visited libraries and worked. Woohoo! It was nice to have some study buddies for a little while. I did try to fit in some fun stuff for them, like visiting my favourite store in Brisbane, Mick’s Nuts! Seriously, I love this store. It’s a bulk foods store in West End that’s family-run, and was started by a Greek immigrant who lived to be 104. Impressive! They have tote bags that are for sale for $5, but Danika and I were lucky to snag two for free. Best day ever!

This smile is for realz.

I love that these bags were probably drawn by hand by some aunt who was like “we need tote bags! Here, print this on them. It’s fine.”.

Danika and I also visited Tangled Yarns, a lovely yarn store in the Newstead. Jenny and Danika got me a gift card as a hostess present, so I get to go back and get something lovely!

On Friday we met up with a friend of Jenny’s, Kate, who I had actually met before through my friend Cathy. Small world! We went to a great Indian restaurant, Sitar, in the West End. Unfortunately Joe was sick and stayed home, so we’ll just have to go back together some time so he can try it. The menu was hilarious, half of it was a “Public Holiday Surcharge” menu about 8 pages long with the same food as the regular menu, just a bit more expensive.

Here’s an idea- have a separate menu for public holidays? Or, just charge 10% more on everything for public holidays? Or, don’t worry about it, since there aren’t that many public holidays? Anywhoo, the food was great, I would totally recommend this place.

Kate is on the far right, and Jenny is next to her. Afterward we went to Three Monkeys Coffee and Tea House, a cafe I always thought was tiny, but is quite labyrinthine inside. I was so full, but managed to squeeze in a bit of cake. Yum!

Saturday we went to Straddie, which I’ll recap in my next post!