Not workin’ it…

by pambythesea

Not workin’ it, just working. I have been on a huge dance music kick lately while I’m working on a small contract. Here are some songs I have on repeat right now. 

I am loving me some Usher right now! He is really not my usual style of music, but I can’t stop listening! Joe and I have had this song in our heads now for a week:

Why the hell would anyone want to make love in a club? Gross! I knew a couple in undergrad that supposedly “made love” in a foam party in Bundaberg. All class!

Usher really likes loving in the club. I also have been listening to this song a lot:

My pilates instructor always plays it, and I’m now addicted!

I also love this Rihanna song. I think it has a 90’s dance music beat, which I can relate to! (i.e., I’m old)

Now to round out this quality music playlist, a huge, guilty pleasure favourite:

Every day I’m shufflin’. 

Anyone have any suggestions to add to this illustrious mix?