Straddie with Danika and Jenny!

by pambythesea

On Danika and Jenny’s last day (a week and a half ago, oops bad blogger!), we hauled ass out to Straddie. Hauled ass because we took the bus. Two hours there. And two hours back. And it was totally worth it! Even though it poured rain for much of our visit! We saw whales! And it was lovely!


The group shot before the rain began. We had just finished looking at humpbacks and dolphins, it was wonderful! Next to us, there was a man holding his tiny camera trying to take a photo, and I told him not to bother, as the whales were about 200m offshore. He asked me what colour the whales were and I told him “The colour of the water”. I wonder what colour he thought they were?

One of my favourite parts of the day was standing out on this cliff and having an impromptu photo shoot. The scenery was inspiring!

Marine biology headshot!



My favourite part of the whole day was when I said “We should sing to attract mermaids”, and then we all, without question or irony, did. It was interesting to hear what kinds of songs we each thought would attract mermaids! It didn’t work though 😦

When we were having lunch, it started to POUR! Kind of crazy, kind of fun. We all forgot to bring rain jackets, so we each bought $3 ponchos. Totally worth it.


Wind+rain poncho= weird fake poncho boobs! Haha

After the rain calmed down a little bit, we went on a lovely walk and saw some great Australian creatures.


Kangaroo! We also saw a kookaburra, and this beauty:


Before we left, we headed down to the beach to touch the sand and feel the salt spray. We also took a lot of photos with the timer!



I’m looking forward to going back when it’s not raining, and maybe swimming and surfing! We took the passenger ferry back, which is really relaxing and only takes about half an hour. Here are some scenes I caught just before we left:



On the train ride home, Danika and Jenny amused themselves with my newest acquisition, a pig made of plastic bags that matches my duck:

I’m definitely missing my buddies- come back soon!