Dominos and DVDs

Last night I joined probably half of the West End renting $1 DVDs and eating $5 pizzas, and it was amazing!

Joe and I don’t have internet or tv, so sometimes I rent DVDs from Civic Video. I know, very 2005 of me! It’s a really cute video store, and they have $1 rentals on Tuesday, which is great. I got season 1 of the Chapelle Show, which is hilarious and so un-PC. Joe really liked it!

A few doors down I noticed that Domino’s was super busy, and it turns out they also have a cheap Tuesday special!

It brought me back to when I was traveling with friendin Australia in 2003. They would fill up on Dominos pizza on the cheap night (probably Tuesday back then too!), and not have to eat for so long after because of the sheer volumes they consumed. What’s weird is that I can’t remember if I ever did it with them, or just that they told me about it. Anywhoo, it was close to dinner time and I thought, why not?

The best part was that the cashier must have wrung it up wrong, and I ended up spending less than $10 for two large pizzas! Score!

A fun evening, brought to you by $10.85.