The wonderful City Cat

by pambythesea

Brisbane has great public transport, much as Brisbanites like to complain about it. I always get a seat, the buses are really frequent in my area, and everyone is really polite and nice. Plus Brisbane has the City Cat! It’s like the Seabus in Vancouver, but you can sit and stand out on deck if you want, and it goes up and down the Brisbane river, stopping at different points along the way. Joe takes it a quick 5 minutes to work every day, and we sometimes take it home from an evening out, feeling very luxurious.

On the weekend, Joe and I were taking a walk and noticed the City Cat was veering off its usual route towards the walking path, like so:

Joe and I stopped to figure out what was going on, and the answer was wonderful:

That round thing sailing through the air is a soccer ball! The ferry saw it in the water, veered off course to pick it up, and threw it back on shore. Everyone cheered and clapped. People here are amazingly nice!